Justin Bieber Finally Cut All His Hair Off And He Looks Drastically Different

Justin Bieber’s songs are known around the world. For many, he is also synonymous with the bowl cut that he was sporting when he first came onto the scene. Of course, all of the teenage boys who idolized Bieber had to emulate the look. Truth be told, even some girls decided to join in as well. As for Bieber himself, he had his own plans for his coif.

He would soon begin to experiment with different hairstyles, much like any other young man his age. We watched him grow from a mop topped young star to a mature adult and it all seemed to happen so quickly. This year, he decided that he was growing to grow his hair out. In fact, he had even gone so far as to claim that he was going to let it grow all the way down to his toes.

From the looks of it, his recent marriage has led to some life changes. Now that he is moving into a whole new phase of his life, he needs a haircut that is reflective of that. Hailey Baldwin has already managed to get him to cut off his facial hair. Not content to stop there, Bieber has since made his way back to the New York Salon.

He received a buzz cut and was more than happy to share the results on social media. This new look is unexpected, to say the least. His fans approve, though. Just between you and us, we think that they might be a little bit biased. While Hailey is not being credited with the change directly, we suspect that there is a good chance she was involved.

Or maybe Justin simply felt like it was time to let the long hair go? Regardless of who is responsible for the decision, there is something to be said for a cleaner look. It is much more befitting of a man of his stature. There are some fans who believe that he is gearing up for a new album release and others think he simply got tired of dealing with all that hair.

What do you think? Be sure to pass this one along to all of the Justin Bieber fans in your life. We are crossing our fingers for a new album ourselves. In the meantime, we cannot wait to see what hairstyle the pop superstar comes up with next.

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