John Travolta’s New Hairstyle Has Fans Shook

New Year’s is a time where many of make decisions about the aspects of ourselves that we are going to change in the year to come. For some of us, it could be something as simple as dropping a few unwanted pounds. Others may decide that they are ready to change their personal appearance completely. Even the biggest stars in Hollywood aren’t immune to such impulses.

Take John Travolta, for instance. He might not seem like a likely candidate for New Year’s resolutions. He’s rich, famous, handsome and lives a life that the average person can only dream of. What can he possibly have to change? Some might make the obvious ‘what about his agent?’ joke in the wake of last year’s instant ‘so bad that it is good’ classic Gotti.

Travolta has decided that he is done with hairpieces, once and for all. Why shouldn’t he show off a more natural look? Most seasoned Hollywood observers have probably made a few jokes about the toupees that he relies on to cover up his thinning hair but no one could have ever expected this. John himself has never commented on his hair.

The new photos are definitely making the rounds, though. From the looks of it, Travolta has decided to join the ranks of older stars like Bruce Willis, stars who do not mind shaving it all off. His new ‘do is getting a ton of love and rightfully so. As it turns out, Travolta looks pretty dang dapper with a completely shaven head.

It may go against our mental images of the star but that is perfectly okay. If there is one thing that we know about Travolta, it is that he is a true chameleon. No one knows if the shaved head is a permanent choice or if he is merely preparing for his next role. Regardless of the reasoning for the decision, his fans are all loving it.

If anything, he actually looks younger than he did before! Only Hollywood royalty can shave their entire heads and come out looking like they are aging in reverse. Travolta is certainly not a stranger to transforming himself for the sake of a role. This is one actor who is not scared to do whatever it takes to score a part. What is your take on his new look? Be sure to pass this story along to the Travolta fans in your life!

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