Jessica Simpson Gets ‘Mom-Shamed’ On Instagram After Sharing A Photo Of Her Sleeping Newborn

One thing that new parents and seasoned parents alike know all too well, is that there will always be critics more than happy to give their opinions on how you should be “properly” raising your child or children. These critics can range from overbearing mothers-in-law, know-it-all co-workers (no one asked your opinion Karen!), or – if you’re someone in the public eye – internet trolls.

The latest target of “mommy shaming” is Jessica Simpson, a celebrity who’s made the list a few times before. What was her crime this time? She shared a picture on Instagram of Birdie Mae, her newborn daughter, sleeping in a wicker bassinet. The adorable little infant was sleeping on her stomach, something that caused many to criticize the singer’s choice of sleeping position for her baby.

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While the majority of the comments were from people who couldn’t stop obsessing over Birdie’s chubby cheeks, there was a fair amount of Instagram users who were quick to point out the infant’s position:

“Not to be a jerk but that baby should be back sleeping. She’s someone people look up to. If one person took it that this was the correct way for 1-2 month old baby to sleep that would be bad, right?”

“Beautiful girls, beautiful dresses, but please BABY BACK ONLY. Save yourself the heartbreak of SIDS.”

What a lot of concerned fans were pushing, was the research that emerged since the early 1990s, when the American Academy of Pediatrics began pushing parents to place their babies on their backs for sleeping as a means of decreasing the risk of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It’s something that is fatal, but the odds can be lessened when a baby is on it’s back as it lowers the chances of the infant having breathing problems while asleep.

Only a few years ago, a study found that one third of babies we’re being put to sleep on their backs, as the researches found parents had various reasons. Some parents said that their kids slept better on their bellies, while others voiced concerns that their kids could choke on vomit if they slept on their backs.

There are also other parents that said they waited until their kid was a little older by a few months before allowing them to sleep on their sides or stomachs. Regarding Jessica Simpson, she didn’t respond to any of the comments or advice on her post, but she’s probably used to the microscope that is social media.

Earlier this month, she posted a picture of a 5-ounce bottle of breast milk, captioning it, “This is what success feels like.” A harmless gesture, she quickly came under fire as some people felt it inappropriate to post because of those who don’t pump or breastfeed.

Before that, there was the time her husband tossed their son, Ace, in the air while playing in the pool, which also gained a number of bad parent comments. Regardless, Simpson still has fans who will chime in their support whenever she or her husband get criticized for how they raise their kids.

Living in an era where social media is non-escapable, it seems celebrities and regular people brave enough to post about parenthood have learned to live with the haters and well wishers alike. Where do you fall under the baby sleeping debate?

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