James Corden Pranks David Beckham With Fake Statue That Looks Nothing Like Him

David Beckham, 43, was expecting to see LA Galaxy commission a statue in his honor at an upcoming ceremony, and James Corden, host of “The Late Late Show” used the opportunity to prank him with a fake statue. It came out looking like a warped Cristiano Ronaldo.

The prank started with actors posing as annoying fans at a meet and greet. It was then followed by a reel of Beckham’s biggest “highs” during soccer. Corden also mentioned that his team included a few “lows” as well.

Then came the fake ceremony, during which Beckham remained as polite as possible given the circumstances. The reveal was something else, with over-exaggerated features. It wasn’t until a forklift operator shattered the statue, that Corden revealed the ruse. But by that stage Beckham’s reactions, which were priceless, had already been captured on camera.

See for yourself and tell us what you think.

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