Here’s Why You Should Keep A Sock Filled With Kitty Litter On Your Dashboard At All Times

For those of us who have a cumbersome early morning commute to deal with, there are a number of early morning hazards that we are forced to handle. If you have ever had to clean off foggy car windows, then you are probably well aware of these types of issues. You are either left with the choice of attempting to drive through foggy windows or taking the time to clean them properly (and potentially being late).

However, if you would like to avoid these types of difficulties, there is a hack that can be used that allows you to do so. All you need is some socks and some cat litter and while this may seem patently ridiculous, we urge you to bear with us here. Since foggy windows are caused by massive temperature differences between the interior of a car and the exterior.

The fogginess that impedes your vision in the morning is caused by the accumulation of moisture inside of the car and there is where your cat litter is going to come into play. Silica cat litter is typically your best bet in these instances. This type of litter does not give off any foul odors and has a maximum level of absorption power.

Take the sock and fill it with cat litter up to the ankle. If you would like to reinforce the sock, you can wrap your litter filled sock up with another sock. Once you have created your sock/litter combo, you are able to place it anywhere inside of your car and enjoy a much smoother morning commute process during the cold weather months to come.

As soon as you have placed the sock inside of your car, you will notice a major difference. If you do not want your passengers to see the sock when you are driving, it can be placed under the seat. For those who do not have any qualms about matters such as these, you can emulate the actions of the man in this video and place the sock full of litter right on the dashboard for the world to see.

For further visual instructions, be sure to check out this helpful video to find out more. Steamy car windows are an all too common issue and by taking the time to learn more about this hack, you can avoid this problem entirely.

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