Singer Gets Harry Styles’ Face Tattooed On Her Face As A Surprise Birthday Gift

You are going to have many decisions to make in life but one of the biggest is choosing your first tattoo. Considering how permanent it is, you have to make a decision you can live with for the rest of your life. The last thing you want is to make a beer inspired, last minute decision and wake up the next morning wondering where the ink came from.

It is a good idea to choose something that has meaning in your life and it should probably be tasteful. There also needs to be a coolness factor since it will be on your skin so long.

When all is said and done, you will have to choose something that is on your mind and in your heart. Nobody should make that choice to you. We have probably all see someone who may not have considered their anatomy when they had some cringe-worthy piece of art plastered on some odd body part. That may be illustrated nicely in this example.

If you happened to see Kelsey Karter on Instagram last week, you might have seen her choice of tattoo. The singer decided to have a picture of Harry Styles, formerly of One Direction, tattoed on her cheek. LA-based artist Romeo Lacoste was the man behind the tattoo, which was inked to honor Harry on his birthday. The image was captioned: “Mama, look what i made me do. [sic]”

The reaction was mostly negative once the tattoo was revealed. For example, one Instagram user commented: “The tattooist should be arrested and you sectioned under the mental health act. The media and Styles have an obligation to condemn this idiocy before other idiots pull an equally stupid stunt. This isn’t glamorous.”

Meanwhile, another irate commenter wrote: “Ya’ll this girl is absolutely obsessed with Harry. Not only did she tattoo him to her damn face, but she even wrote a song about him. It’s on Spotify and it’s called ‘Harry’ and it’s basically about how she’s gonna make him love her. Somebody warn the poor man, this b*tch crazy! [sic]”

Not everyone was against Karter. One follower said: “It’s your body @kelsykarter do what you want! But everyone is going to react their own way and @harrystyles is going to be HORRIFIED [sic]” while another person chimed in: “I salute you, babe. Brave baby girl. ”

This tattoo shows one thing, and that is devotion. Then again, I’d be just a little freaked out if someone tattooed my face on their face.

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mama, look what i made me do

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