Guy Throws $5,000 Engagement Ring Into The Ocean After Girlfriend Breaks Up With Him

Sometimes when things don’t work out in a relationship it ends up being for the best. And what happens during those initial dark days become a minor blip on the radar of life.

An electrician who was dumped by his girlfriend has no regrets about tossing the $5,000 engagement ring off a cliff.

Brendan Beasley is from Penrith – Sydney’s western suburbs. He had spent more than $10,000 secretly organizing the vacation of a lifetime to Greece in order to propose to his long-term girlfriend in picturesque Santorini.

However, things went south before he was able to pop the question, as she ended up dumping him.

He told, “After three years together, and for no reason at all … she ended up leaving me. I was gutted because I had actually bought her a ring and booked us a surprise trip to Santorini (to propose) because she always wanted to get engaged there.”

To help him heal his broken heart, Brendan ended up taking the trip anyways – solo. He kept the ring initially, but then when he found out that his ex had gotten with someone else, he just wanted to get rid of the reminder.

Brendan went to Santorini on a Contiki tour where he ended up tossing the ring – and the box it came in – into the Aegean Sea at sunset.

He had befriended the tour guide earlier, and he willingly captured the moment on video for him.

Brendan said that even though it was a very pricy ring, his decision was right, since something had shifted in him at the moment.

Brendan said, “The moment I threw the ring, a whole lot of weight lifted off my shoulders. I really found myself in Europe after that.”

At the time, the adventurer was only 23. He said to the Daily Mail Australia that from the moment he chucked the ring off the cliff, his life changed for the better.

While on tour, he ended up meeting a Canadian girl, whom he followed to Canada and had a wonderful time coaching snowboarding during the four-month winter season, then teaching skateboarding over the summer months.

After moving home for a little while to get back into electrical work, Beasley, now 25, is contemplating a move back to Canada in order to be with Kassandra, his new girlfriend, and perhaps work on the oilrigs.

Beasley had a simple answer of “No,” when asked if he regrets throwing the $5,000 ring off a cliff.

“I never did,” he said. “It’s worked out better for me.”

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