Girl Named ‘Most Beautiful In The World’ At 6 Wins Award For Second Time At 17

We have all seen the movies where the ‘ugly duckling’ takes off her glasses and lets her hair down and suddenly, she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. People tend to look at beauty in different ways and it certainly is true that making some changes can make you fit into the world’s idea of beauty a lot easier. Some people take it in stride but others do all that they can to change themselves and their looks.

The opposite is also true in many cases. Some people tend to be cute when they are younger but they lose it along the way. It may be lifestyle choices or perhaps just genetics but in either case, they peak at a young age and then fade as they get older.

There is also another class that we have not discussed yet, and those are the fortunate ones. These are the people that are adorable as children, and when they get older, they are absolutely stunning. We don’t see it very often but one thing is certain, they have been dealt a hand in life that they can take advantage of. Some child actors were cute when they were young and became beautiful as older adults, such as Kristen Dunst or Drew Barrymore.

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Thylane Blondeau is a good example. Ever since she was six years old, she has been known worldwide because of her good looks. She was dubbed when she was six to be “The most beautiful girl in the world.” She made a name for herself in the modeling world and now she is grown up. She didn’t lose her looks over time. In fact, she is even at the top of TC Candler’s ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year’.

She went on Instagram to talk about the success, saying: “I just can’t believe it myself …thanks so much @tccandler and everyone who voted … I never thought I was once number one!! I’m thankful to all of you I really hope you’re having great holidays and spend a nice Christmas with your family ..all the best to all of you guys lots of love.”

The TC Chandler’s list is “Not a popularity contest and it is definitely not country specific. It is not about the hottest or the most famous celebrity. Rather, the list attempts to inform & broaden public opinion, instead of reflecting it. The list introduces new faces to countries they ordinarily would not reach.”

“The Independent Critics search far and wide, listening to the many millions of suggestions submitted by the public over the past couple of decades, and they then put together a list representative of the modern ideal of worldwide beauty. Aesthetic perfection is only one of the criteria. Grace, elegance, originality, daring, passion, class, poise, joy, promise, hope… they are all embodied in a beautiful face.”

It’s interesting to see how beautiful she has become. This award is sure to bring her even more success and fame as the years go by.

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