Girl goes shopping at popular department store, is outraged by message Christmas sweater sends

While most of us can simply laugh and smile at certain funny shirts that we find on the shelves in Target, there are others who cannot shrug them off because the message hits too close to home. The girl in this story was deeply offended at one of the shirts that Target had chosen to sell during the holiday season and rightfully so. The retail giant came under fire for their decision after the shirt seemed to find humor in mental illness.

It was a sweater that was emblazoned with the words “obsessive Christmas disorder” and while this may have seemed very funny and clever to the people who made it, those who actually suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder did not find it all that humorous. Reign Murphy is a Twitter user who decided to bring the offensive shirts to the attention of the general public.

Other users agreed with Reign’s assertion that the shirts were offensive and a collective demand was issued by the angry citizens for the shirt to be removed from the shelves. However, Target continued to stock the shirt in their stores and even though their shirts have come under fire in the past, this has not stopped them from continuing to sell them.

Do you believe that Target should have heeded the controversy and fully removed all of the shirts from every store? This is the type of debate that is bound to inspire spirited discussion on all sides and we are here to encourage it. Mental disorders are something that should all be willing to discuss in a more open fashion, so that the stigma that surrounds them can be removed once and for all.

As a society, we need to band together when issues like these arise, so that people who suffer from mental illnesses are able to feel a greater sense of freedom when it comes to voicing their opinions. When companies like Target show a complete lack of care at times like these, it shows us that we still have a long way to go before we are able to do right by those who are offended in these instances.

Please share this story to raise awareness about mental illness and the struggles that sufferers face each day when insensitive corporations turn a blind eye to their concerns. Let’s all come together and stop minimizing the feelings of others.

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