Gillette’s Powerful New Ad About Toxic Masculinity Takes On The Phrase ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

While everyone loves a commercial that makes them laugh, we also love to see commercials that make us think. Gillette may not seem like the most obvious candidate to create such a commercial but they have raised some valid points with their last ad. They are touching on the #MeToo movement in ways that some viewers may not have been expecting them to.

The ad, which is called “We Believe”, starts with a few clips that demonstrate classic displays of toxic masculinity. The narrator snaps us back into reality by letting the audience know that the days of making excuses are over. It is time for action. Changes have been made when it comes to how we associate with one another and there is no turning back now.

Instead of remaining silent or even contributing to the problem, we can take a stand. Men everywhere must take responsibility and step in when bullying and sexual harassment take place. There are no excuses and silence is compliance. Even the men who are already doing the right thing are not spared. We all need to step up our collective games.

Gillette’s brand director says that this was a conscious decision by the company. After all, how can a company that sells themselves on allowing men to become the best version of themselves sidestep a movement that is this important? AOR Grey is the advertising agency that created the spot and Kim Gehrig served as the director.

Of course, an ad like this one that pulls no punches is always going to met with at least some opposition on social media. Sadly, there are still too many men out there who view this movement as a personal affront and they have allowed themselves to lose sight of what is truly important. How these people can be so selfish is beyond us. It is not always about you, men. There are some issues that go deeper than your personal feelings.

This advertisement is not an indictment of men or even our little boys. It is a relevant commentary on the forces that have allowed women’s stories to be stifled by the powers that be for far too long. What do you think of this ad? Is the message important to you? Be sure to pass this video along to your friends and loved ones, so that you can get their takes!

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