Gary Sinise Opens up About His Secret To A Happy Marriage With His Wife Of 40 Years

How many couples do you know who are happily married after a handful of years, say five or 10? Now, how many do you know who have been happily married for 40 years?

The type of relationship that spans decades may seem few and far between and they are. Marriage is an institution that needs to be cared for properly but it takes a special couple to reach a milestone of all of those years.

That is especially true when it comes to Hollywood marriages. Many of them end very quickly but every once in a while, you see one that lasts for a long time. That is true of Gary Sinise and his wife, Moira Harris.

Sinise is known for his memorable roles on the silver screen, including Lieut. Dan Taylor in Forest Gump. He also is known for his work in supporting veterans. His wife, who was also an actress married him in 1981. They have three children together.

He revealed that there is a secret to the longevity of their marriage. It’s also something that is important to include in our personal lives, even if we aren’t married.

“A sense of humor,” he said. “My wife’s a loving, funny, irish-spirited person, and I’m still surprised at some of the things she says. She makes me laugh every day.”

They do more than bring laughter into each other’s lives. They support each other, regardless of whether times are good or bad.

Harris is involved in her husband’s foundation that helps veterans, first responders and their families. Sinise has also stood by and strengthened his wife when she struggled with alcoholism. He talked about this in his recent book: “Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service.”

“I was not going to include it in the book unless she was supportive of that,” he said.

It was a difficult chapter to include but in the end, she supported his decision to share the story. She felt that it would help their marriage to be stronger and that they would be better equipped to get through future struggles.

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