First Photos From The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Released, Show That ‘Winter Is Coming’

There are 67 days left in the count down until the season eight premiere of HBO’s epic fantasy-drama Game of Thrones, which is scheduled to release on Sunday, April 14. There are also 67 episodes that have aired. So if you’ve never seen the show, or you’re a major fan wanting to do a marathon, now is the perfect time to start. In theory, you could watch an episode a day, but since the show is so addicting, you’ll probably manage it all in a month (or a week if you call out sick from work). The show has been compared to Lord of the Rings, but with lots more violence and nudity.

The storyline for the upcoming season has been kept under lock and key, but we have learned a few juicy details about the final season, and here they are. There will be six extended episodes, which approximately cost $15 million to produce. That means the fans will be treated to epic battle scenes, including one that’s supposed to last an entire hour. Actor Kit Harrington, who portrays broody hunk Jon Snow, says the cast members were both “sleep deprived” and “crying” during the filming of the finale. And actress Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark was reported to have been banned from washing her hair! Yikes!

The first official teaser trailer was released by HBO last month and has fans in a frenzy. Today, the network followed up with yet another tease of the season by releasing fourteen photo stills from the set. Whether you’re a die-hard fan and pledged allegiance to one of the houses, or you’re just starting to get into the craze now, these pictures are sure to get your excitement going.

1. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, related but in love…like the Lannisters.

2. Sansa Stark, trying to remember the smell of shampoo.

3. Cersei Lannister

4. Tyrion Lannister

5. Arya Stark

6. Jon Snow, hated by PETA for seven seasons.

7. Cersei Lannister, enjoying the peace and quiet now that the kids are gone.

8. Samwell Tarly, finding a secret room in the Citadel library.

9. Jamie Lannister, about to ask someone for a hand.

10. Daenerys Targaryen

11. Varys looking like he’s ready to spill the tea.

12. Bran brooding by the fireplace.

13. Former smuggler Davos Seaworth. Don’t leave him alone with your valuables.

14. Brienne of Tarth. One of the Seven Kingdom’s favorite badasses.

Season 8, it’s going to be amazing. We can’t wait.

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