Fitbit Helps Catch Victim’s Accused Killer Again

In September, police discovered 67-year-old Karen Nevarra lifeless in her California home.

Now, police have captured a man in connection with his stepdaughter’s murder, and say the essential piece of proof developed from an unusual piece of technology.

It seemed as though Nevarra’s death was a suicide (at first). Police are now saying her Fitbit helped to distinguish the real murderer in this case.

Nevarra, was known as a “recluse,” but when she failed to show up for work, police went to her home to check on her.  That’s when they discovered Nevarra’s body.  She had deep cuts on her neck and head and in her hand, she was holding the knife.

Medical examination found it would’ve been almost impossible for her to leave the deep lacerations on her own body. Police assumed someone else had covered up her death as a suicide.

The last person to see her alive, was her stepfather Anthony Aiello, 90. He claimed he dropped off a pizza days before she was discovered.

He did recall seeing her drive away with someone from her home.

Nearby surveillance footage proved his story to be false.  Nevarra had never left her home.  The big break in her case came from Nevarra’s Fitbit she was wearing on her wrist.

A fitbit is a device worn like a watch that tracks a person’s footsteps, location, and even their heart rate.

And data collected from Nevarra’s Fitbit unveiled her heart rate spiking dramatically then 8 minutes later there was no registered heart rate.

Aiello was charged with the murder but refused to change his story.  That is until detectives mentioned her Fitbit, and explained everything stored on it.

Police then found bloody clothes in Aiello’s hamper at his home.  He still pleaded not guilty at a court appearance last month.

It’s amazing how technology saved the case.


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