Fans Get Concerned After Anna Faris Shares A Photo Of Her Looking Very ‘Gaunt’

Celebrities are under a lot of pressure. Yes, they are living what most of us would consider to be the ‘good life’ but they are also constantly being scrutinized by the public. They need to be cautious that they don’t say or do the wrong thing and they also need to be prepared for any picture that may show up on social media so they look flawless. Male actors are called on to look ruggedly handsome and actresses need to be slim and stylish and always on their best behavior. If one thing is out of place, the Internet fans are going to call it to their attention.

In the world that we live in, female celebrities are often held to high standards in comparison to male celebrities. Some of the things that men are able to get away with would never pass if a woman were to do it. That isn’t even to mention the trolls online who are ready to pass judgment when any little thing is out of place.

Unfortunately, Anna Faris has fallen victim to the judgment of the Internet. The former Scary Movie star had to delete a post on Instagram after commenters started accusing her of being underweight. Many of those comments were harsh.

The actress uploaded a picture of herself to Instagram and it got everything started. She was wearing a black top, underwear, and boots and she was standing with her head over the top of a trashcan. The caption read: “Having pre-show jitters — so glad Michael Sherman captured it — also I eventually decided to put on pants.”

In no time at all, body-shamers showed up to start with the judgmental comments. It only took 15 minutes before she eventually had to delete the post. One of those commenters wrote: “You look so unhealthy, eat,” while another added: “This is alarming! I feel this pic is a cry for help, I hope you get the help you need.”

There were a number of other social media users who were more supportive of Faris. One of the commenters said: “The people saying that Anna Faris is too skinny, looks unhealthy and needs to eat are the same people that try telling us Tess Holliday is perfectly healthy, and scorn anybody for saying otherwise,” while another added: “You are beautiful at any size. Health is our concern. If you’re healthy and happy that’s all that matters! Continue to be awesome!”

Faris was accused by some of losing weight because of stress over her recent split from Chris Pratt. It seems as if she is back on her feet, however, because she has been dating a cinematographer, Michael Barrett, since October 2017. It’s obvious that she is not wasting away because she is upset over the split with Pratt and they seem to be on amicable terms, perhaps to care for their son in the best way possible.

It could be that she has lost some weight or maybe it is just a picture that is out of proportion. When all is said and done, it is really difficult to say but shaming somebody because of the picture they put on social media is uncool, regardless of who it is.

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