Fan Theory Predicts Connection Between Stranger Things and Chernobyl

Now that the Game of Thrones has left the building, it was time for something new to enter the scene and HBO’s Chernobyl seems to be it. The nuclear accident that took place on April 26, 1986, is the basis for the show, although they do take some creative liberties. Fans who have been watching the miniseries are now wondering if events occurring in Chernobyl could have an impact on storylines of other series that follow the same timeline. For example, a Redditor is already predicting that Stranger Things season 4 will include Chernobyl within the plot.

Producer Sean Levy is confirming that the fourth season of Stranger Things is already in the planning phases. Amazing, since the third season has not even debuted as of yet.

Decider reported how Redditor Singular94 has already started to piece things together. Since the third season takes place in 1985, the 1986 nuclear disaster could very well be part of the fourth season and might already be in the script.

“Chernobyl could actually have a secret Russian lab just like Hawkins’ one, someone with powers connects to the [Upside Down] just like Eleven, and the opened gate would make the nuclear plant explode. Or maybe they would try to open a gate intentionally to the [Upside Down], but it doesn[’]t go as expected.”

Some people are saying that the idea is outrageous but the argument is rather convincing. In addition, some fans are noticing that the IMDb page for Stranger Things shows the characters for season 3 but have been altered. They include titles such as ‘Russian soldier’ and ‘Russian guard’. There very well could be a connection between those two shows but we still have to wait until season 4 to find out.

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