Extremely Rare Pregnant Tiger Found Dead In Trap

When it comes to tiger populations, Sumatran tigers are among the rarest in the world. There are fewer than 400 in existence, currently. Sadly, one family of Sumatran tigers was wiped out completely by a poorly placed snare trap. Stories like these serve as a sad reminder of the dangers that are associated with this practice and it should be stopped immediately.

The tiger in this story was found dead in an Indonesian ravine. She was pregnant at the time and it was clear to see that she had died in a painful manner. There were signs of a struggle and this breaks our hearts. No animal deserves to die in this manner because of the carelessness of humans. Her kidney had ruptured while she was trapped in the constraints.

Rare Sumatran tiger found dead in IndonesiaA critically endangered Sumatran tiger has died after being caught in a…

Posted by Tiger Protection Society on Friday, September 28, 2018

The two cubs that she was expecting died in the process and for a species with such a low population, this is a major blow that is difficult to recover from. Every year, snare traps end the lives of innocent animals all over the world and no one is willing to do anything about it. How many more tragedies need to occur before people come to their senses about this matter?

Local authorities are currently handling the situation. They have already captured a suspect and it is believed that their traps were used to snare wild pigs. While this is understandable, there is something to be said about how indiscriminate these sorts of traps are. They are not able to simply grab the animals that you want and leave the rest.

Simply put, these traps are a nuisance that needs to be removed from the wild right away. Rare species like these must be preserved and it is our responsibility to step up to the plate. No one else is going to come and save us from ourselves. Humans need to make changes and they need to make them quickly before any other innocent animals end up getting hurt or killed.

Those who would like to help are urged to make a timely donation to Panthera. The Predator Defense is also encouraging readers to offer donations if they would like to put a stop to the unfair practices that are taking place here at home. These stories need to stop and we implore you to share this one with your closest friends and loved ones to raise awareness.

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