Ellen Degeneres Explains to Audience Why Her Hair Is Now Falling Out

It doesn’t matter who we are, we are bound to have a bad hair day every once in a while. This is also true of celebrities but when they have a bad hair day, it becomes public knowledge. Perhaps it may have been noticeable that Ellen Degeneres was recently wearing a shorter and blonder hairdo than usual. During her monologue, she talks about how she dyes her hair frequently because it is short and the color shows up quickly.

Typically, her hair is lighter on the top and darker on the sides but she decided to switch things up to save time. Her decision was to go with a single shade of blonde but as it turns out, it didn’t save her any time at all.

“It started with the same sentence all bad hair stories start with, ‘I tried a new person.'” The colorist continued to work on Ellen’s hair for over two hours. She did finish the job but Ellen said that the result was ‘not good’.

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