E. Coli Update: How To Tell If Your Lettuce Is Safe To Eat

Now that a romaine lettuce recall has taken place, The Food and Drug Administration is taking important steps to ensure our safety going forward. If the romaine lettuce has been taken from the central coast of California, it is not safe to eat. However, The Food and Drug Administration says that any romaine lettuce from other regions is perfectly fine to eat.

Sadly, at least 40 citizens have already fallen ill because they were exposed to the E.coli in the aforementioned lettuce. 22 Canadian citizens have also become sick as a result of this outbreak. At least 16 of these cases were dangerous enough to require a hospital stay. Those who have been exposed to the bacteria should look out for signs of fever and dehydration.

Abdominal pain and diarrhea are also symptoms to watch out for. While most E.coli outbreaks are mild and do not require serious treatment, the infections that take place in the intestines can cause more challenging medical issues. In fact, at least two patients have already experienced kidney failure as a direct result of this specific outbreak.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating the matter in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration. The agencies have yet to learn about the specific source of this particular outbreak, though. These new guidelines were issued in the wake of last week’s reports. The past reports warned citizens away from romaine lettuce altogether.

Shoppers are being urged not to take chances during this time. If you do not know exactly where the romaine lettuce is being sourced from, you should not be eating it under any circumstances. According to the FDA, the tainted lettuce should be gone after last week’s clean break but you can never be too sure, can you? New rules have been made so that customers can read labels and know where the lettuce has been shipped from.

Please do your part and share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. Let’s all come together to keep each other safe from this E.coli outbreak. Making sure that no one else gets sick should be our primary objective and we urge our readers to pass this story along as soon as possible. It is not always easy to tell if our lettuce is safe so let’s take a moment to help each other out during the holiday season!

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