Drunk Birds Are Wreaking Havoc In Minnesota

A Minnesota town by the name of Gilbert has found itself under siege and you will not believe your eyes when you find out who is responsible for the carnage. Local residents have been speaking out about these menaces, as they have been forced to endure a great deal of property damage. So who is terrorizing this sleepy little Minnesota town? A gang of birds, that’s who!

These birds do not mean to be destructive, though. While they are colliding with windows and acting strangely, it is because they are quite drunk. This issue has since gone viral because of a Facebook post that was issued by the local police department. As you can imagine, the Internet had an absolute field day once it came time to share this hilarious post.

Public Notice

Posted by Gilbert Minnesota Police Department on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The mere concept of drunken birds is enough to send us into hysterics. Perhaps they could make a sequel to Angry Birds where one of the titular creatures develops a drinking problem? We kid, we kid. The birds mean well. They are becoming intoxicated due to an early frost. The berries that they rely on have become overly fermented and provide them with a heck of a buzz.

Since the birds have yet to fly south for the winter, this issue has become more prevalent than it would be in normal years. Gilbert residents are relieved to find out that there is a decent explanation for what is taking place. We cannot imagine how frightening it must have been for these people to see birds smashing into everything….while smashed.

These situations are actually more common than most realize. Instances like these usually take place during the early months of spring or late winter. The berries that are outside and waiting to be eaten become fermented because of the yeast that is found on them. Once the Gilbert Police Department shared their story, a number of other people from around the country decided to chime in.

As it turns out, this is something that a number of people have already been through in the past. Quick note: please do not attempt to eat these berries. You are not going to get drunk and you may end up in the hospital as a result. We repeat, do not eat these berries! Please pass this hilarious story along to all of your friends and loved ones in the meantime.

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