Dog Was Chained Up So Tightly He Couldn’t Lay Down To Sleep

Totopo has been through the sort of misery that no dog should ever be forced to experience. However, those who came across the dog had no idea what had happened to him. He was recently found in Cancun. While this vacation destination may seem like an awesome place to live, Totopo had a harsh existence. The poor pup was chained to a house and had very little hope for survival.

There was no food or water close by. The animal’s chain was too short to allow him to move freely. Totopo was not even able to get a good night’s sleep. In order to get any rest, the animal was forced to rest his head against the chain. He was covered in mange and tested positive for ringworm. His skin was also full of burns and it was a small wonder that he was even alive.

His canines had been shaved down and his ears had been cropped down, too. The woman who found the dog tried to reason with the owner of the house. Can you believe that he was chained up outside like this for the crime of chasing a local chicken? At this point, the woman knew that she would have to rescue the dog before it ended up being too late for him.

After a quick conversation, the woman agreed to give him up to the rescuer. Her friend Matteo was willing to help. He works for the good folks at Riviera Rescue AC and deals with cases like these on a shockingly regular basis. A photo of the dog was placed on Facebook, so that people could learn more about his story. A woman in New York City saw and wanted to help.

It did not matter that the dog was thousands of miles from her place of residence. She knew that he deserved a better life than the one he was forced to lead. The proper arrangements were made so that Totopo could be transferred from Mexico and into the United States. It takes a special person to make this kind of sacrifice.

Lacey is just such a person. She accepted Clarita and Temo, as well. All three dogs have been through a great deal of suffering over the course of their lives. They are doing their absolute best to adjust to life in the big city now. If you would like to learn more about other dogs like this one who are in need of your help, please be sure to offer a donation to Riviera Rescue AC or Animal Haven.

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