‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ star reveals intimate details about her struggle with cancer

In case you haven’t heard, Beth Chapman of Dog the Bounty Hunter was diagnosed with stage III throat cancer in 2017. She went through surgery after being rushed to the hospital and being diagnosed. After the surgery was completed, she was considered to be ‘cancer free’.

She remained free of cancer for an entire year but as she was celebrating her 12th month of being healthy, things took a turn for the worse. In November 2018, she was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in LA. The cancer had returned. A second surgery took place and a cancerous tumor was removed from her throat. She is now receiving treatment for cancer and she recently opened up about her struggle and how she is doing.

“I am feeling pretty good now,” Beth revealed. “Being back home is a lot better for me. It’s high stress right now. It’s a lot of stress, but honestly, local living is a de-stressor.”

The Chapmans are in the process of attempting to move their merchandise store because the area where it is currently located is being developed. She continues: “It doesn’t matter what I’ve been through, I can step out onto my porch and breathe.”

The doctors wanted her to remain in the hospital but she decided to leave after her last operation.

She seemed to be in a positive mood. The Chapmans owned their own bail bond company in Hawaii. She said: “I get to see the beautiful ocean and know that the people in the mainland only have four hours a day to call me and bother me. So, life is good. It’s okay. I value every single day, I can tell you that. And you know, even though the outlook is grim, I don’t want to live it like that.”

She also talked about the treatment she was receiving for cancer. “There [are] lots of treatments out there. Some are more harmful than others, some are going to work better than others. And a lot of that stuff is not available here, so I have to travel outside of Hawaii to get some of the experimental treatments that are going on across the country so that’s a little bit of what we will be doing. We’re looking for something, you know?”

Beth continued to discuss her cancer diagnosis and treatment. Her fans are aware of her tough demeanor on the screen but it seems as if she is also the same way when confronting her illness. “I just don’t wanna be that person who lets their children watch them die at their bedside like that. It’s just really out of character. So for the last four days, I’ve been chasing bad guys on the big island and I didn’t even notice I was sick.”

She also wants to share a message with her fans who have been so supportive of her. “Don’t worry about me, my fans,” she affirmed. “I’m a fighter. I’m a strong fighter. I’m a big-time survivor. And I am going to fight this as vigorously as it is fighting me. That’s all we can do.” After finding out that some of her fans wanted to shave their heads in her honor, she also had a request: “Don’t anybody go out and shave their heads, please, in my honor. Please don’t do that.”

She also had something to say about the property closure. “Basically, everybody in the building has to go.” Even though their store is iconic in the area, they are still being forced to move out. “Unfortunately, we’ve been here for so long. It’s a sad day for us because all of our fans they travel here from Europe and Canada and they just wanna take a picture with the Da Kine Bail Bonds sign on the windows…”

“You know, this is where [our fans] could always come to get a little piece of Dog and feel like they were part of the show,” she explained. She also said that the show was still running three or four hours a day on A&E. It’s always interesting to watch the reruns but the Chapmans are also set to come out with a new series, ‘Dog’s Most Wanted’. In the series, they will reprise their bounty Hunter roles and go on additional dangerous assignments with the team.

Many of her fans were touched by her story, including one comment on YouTube from a fan who said: “This made me cry. When she found out [about her cancer diagnosis] in 2017, I was going through chemo. My chemo didn’t work so now I am terminal with less than a year to live. I am a single mom, my 3 kids are watching me slowly pass away. Whoever is fighting cancer also, you’re not alone. And to the survivors, keep on fighting and live your life!

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