‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Shares Heartbreaking Update On His Wife’s Cancer Diagnosis

Beth Chapman went through emergency surgery recently and has shared the news that her cancer has come back.

Chapman is the 51-year-old woman who is probably best known because of her role on the popular television show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. Prior to receiving the recent diagnosis, she was cancer free for almost a year.

According to Andrew Brettler, the Chapman family attorney, she was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. An emergency procedure was performed to remove a life-threatening mass in her throat and it has been confirmed that it was cancer.

“I understand that the situation is very serious,” Brettler added. “We are all concerned for her and the well-being of her family.”

The attorney said that the family and doctors are “evaluating her treatment options.”

Chapman was having a difficulty breathing early Tuesday and was rushed to the hospital. It seems as if this most recent health crisis came on suddenly. Both she and her husband were photographed eating dinner in West Hollywood Monday night and were smiling.

In 2017, Beth was treated for stage II throat cancer and had a 13-hour surgery performed to remove a throat tumor.

After the cancer was in remission, she shared a message on Instagram. She said that she knew “things will get better in 2018.”

Let’s hope that her prediction is correct and doctors can do what is necessary to treat the new condition.

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