Dog Owner Issues Warning After Puppy Suffocates In A Bag Of Chips

The loss of a pet is a tragic experience. It does not matter if the pet has been a part of your family for a short period of time or a long one. The sadness that we feel can take a long time to get over. When Barry was forced to say goodbye to his six month old puppy, it was like losing a family member. Little Leo’s death was entirely avoidable as well.

Barry is now issuing a warning to all pet owners about the potential dangers that are associated with snack packaging. This is an important story and we hope that you are willing to spread the word. It just might save a life. Barry does not want any other pet owner to go through the same sort of heartache that he has been forced to endure over the past few weeks.

As anyone who has ever spent time around a dog can tell you, these animals love to get their hands on people food. That is why we need to place these items in areas where they are not able to reach them. Barry’s parents were responsible for watching Leo while he was at work one day. They did not know that he was able to get into the cupboards.

Leo went into the kitchen and fetched himself a bag of chips. This would seem innocent enough, right? Just a little bit of normal mischief making. Unfortunately, he went out into the garden with the chips and ended up being suffocated in the process. Once he finished the chips, the packet cut off his air supply and Leo passed away as a result.

This is the sort of danger that we do not always consider. Barry had no idea that this was something that could happen and his parents were devastated. That is why they are telling their story. Hopefully, it is shared as many times as it takes for dog owners to keep these foods stashed away from their pets’ prying paws. These are the dangers that we need to be concerned with.

Cereals and chips must be kept away from these animals at all costs. There is nothing wrong with letting your dog get a taste of certain ‘people foods’ every once in a while but be sure to pass this story along in the meantime. Every dog owner needs to be made aware of the potential dangers that lurk inside of their own home.

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