Dog Is Almost Killed By Common Household Ingredient, Now Family Warns Owners To Check Cabinets

When this couple noticed that their dog was acting strange, they knew that they would have to act quickly to assist their pet. Millie the dog had found a bottle of something that many of us keep in our homes on a regular basis. John and Brianna are now sharing their story in hopes of assisting others who may end up finding themselves in a similar predicament in the future.

Once Millie found the bottle, it did not take long for the effects to show themselves. Within 10 minutes of ingesting the item, she was already dizzy and disoriented. So what was the item and how can we keep our dogs safe? As it turns out, Millie had found the couple’s bottle of melatonin. The melatonin was making her vomit and she would need help quickly if she was going to survive.

These capsules are typically recommended to those who are in need of hormones that will induce healthy sleep. Unfortunately, the capsules contain an ingredient that is very harmful to dogs: xylitol. If a dog ingests any substance that contains this ingredient, their life is going to be placed in severe danger. It can also be found in certain baked goods and medications.

Humans can ingest this ingredient without experiencing any difficulties but it must be kept away from dogs at all costs. Cases like these seem to happen all too often. That is why it is important to make sure that this story is shared far and wide. It just might keep another pet owner from potentially exposing their dogs to this deadly ingredient.

Chewing gum brands also rely on the ingredient. Make sure that no gum is left in an area where it can be accessed by your dog. These are the sorts of hidden dangers that lurk within the home that need to be addressed. Otherwise, our animals can end up in a world of hurt.

Stories like these must be shared with a much wider audience so that no pet owner is ever forced to lay their loved one to rest. Let’s all do our part so that no one is ever forced to go through this harrowing experience ever again.

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