Disney Releases The Trailer For ‘Frozen 2’ – Anna And Elsa Look Ready For Battle

Frozen is the type of movie that may not have seemed like a likely candidate to start spawning sequels. However, Disney recently announced that Frozen 2 was in the works. Fans everywhere were dying to see the trailer and they are finally getting their wish. Disney is providing a first look at the highly anticipated film and fans are enjoying the unexpected Valentine’s Day gift.

It is no small surprise that a sequel ended up being made. After all, the first installment grossed well over $1 billion worldwide. The movie has amassed a wide range of die hard fans. Everyone knows a Frozen fan (or two). This is a movie that has crossed over into the adult world as well. The catchy songs and witty dialogue made this film a slam dunk smash for audiences of all ages.

The wait is almost over, folks. Frozen 2 will finally be hitting theaters this November. Pardon us while we frantically Google for the first possible showtime. We are going to be buying our tickets well in advance, that is for sure. Who wants to get stuck in the front row for a film of this magnitude? This is one of the most important cinematic events of the year.

We cannot wait to see what Elsa has been up to, not to mention Anna. Olaf the snowman is making his triumphant return, as is Sven the reindeer. The entire cast has been reunited and we are more than happy to share this awesome news with our readers. This trailer is a must watch and we have already been running it back over and over again.

This is a trailer in the classic sense. Are you tired of the sneak previews that give away the entire plot of the film? If so, this is the perfect trailer for you. The Frozen 2 plot remains under lock and key until further notice. We would not have it any other way. Kudos to Disney for avoiding the urge to provide any sort of spoilers ahead of time.

From the looks of it, Elsa has now become an action hero of sorts. Will she be saving the day or will she be the damsel in distress? There’s only one way to find out and you are going to wait until November 22. Anna also looks prepared for the fight that lies ahead. Stereotypical princesses, they are not. Please be sure to share this awesome trailer!

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