Dina Lohan Is Going To Marry A Man She’s Never Met

Lindsay Lohan may be the most well known member of her family but now that mother Dina is competing on Celebrity Big Brother, she is gaining some notoriety of her own. She’s doing well on the show. Dina is not letting herself get drawn into any reality show beef. Lindsay’s mother is doing a fantastic job of keeping to herself and steering clear of the bad apples.

She is still in the news, though. The reason why might come as a bit of a shock as well. She was conversing with her fellow housemates about her boyfriend recently when an interesting factoid slipped out. Dina spoke out about the joys of talking to her boyfriend on the phone and it seemed as if she was beaming with pride. The truth of the matter?

She has never actually met the boyfriend in question! They have spent five years talking on the phone and they have yet to even video chat. In a world where Skype and FaceTime are used on a regular basis, this seems hard to believe. Dina’s housemates believe that she is getting scammed. Those who are familiar with the phrase “catfishing” are definitely having a laugh right now.

Dina says that they are going to get married someday. She even claims to have spoken to the man’s mother already. The reason that they haven’t met would seem to be innocent enough. Dina is living in New York and he has been residing in San Francisco. The man’s mother has fallen ill and he remains in San Francisco during the meantime, so that he can take care of her.

Her housemate Tamar Braxton does not believe the man and offered to go with Dina to meet him. Dina also claims that the man is very wealthy and this makes her story even harder to believe. How is he unable to video chat or travel? Dina’s ex-husband Michael says that he wants her to be happy but he is worried about the potential for danger.

We’d all like to believe that love is waiting for us right around the corner. Love is able to transcend all situations. Unfortunately, it is tough to believe Dina’s story. We cannot believe that these two have been talking on the phone for five years and have yet to make the time to meet one another. Something is not quite right here but we hope that Dina is right, for her own sake.

Source: US Weekly

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