Cop Finds Dog Taped-Up And Left On The Side Of The Road

Stories like these make our blood boil. Why do people insist on treating their animals poorly? We understand that times get hard and it can be tough to take care of an animal. However, there are a wide range of shelters and organizations that are here to help. There is no need to behave in such a cruel manner. Just ask this poor Missouri dog.

The pup was bound and tossed outside with no hope of survival. It was a very cold night when the animal was found. Unfortunately for the criminal who decided to make this terrible decision, a Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy happened upon the dog and justice is in the process of being served. The dog was found laying inside of a ditch on a country road.

The deputy found the dog writing in agony during a patrol shift. The animal was shivering from the cold and was starving to boot. Tape had been used to muzzle the creature and bind their paws together. Jimmy is now his name and he is being given a well deserved second chance at life. The Ivan Animal Hospital gave him the treatment he needed. Now, he is in much better spirits.


“Jimmy” is doing much better. This is a look at him at the animal hospital where he’s being treated.We want to get him back to his owners. Right now he is NOT available for adoption.Please call 636-797-5515 if you know his family.

Posted by Jefferson County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, February 14, 2019

Jimmy is still a friendly dog, despite the trying times that he has been through. It was believed that the chances of finding the criminal responsible were slim to none. This scofflaw did not stop to consider their choice of tape. The police officers who were assigned to the case were willing to go the extra mile. The sheriff’s deputy held onto the duct tape.

From there, investigators were able to pull fingerprints from it that allowed them to identify the person responsible. Paul Garcia was arrested for the crime. He is alleged to have bound the dog with the tape himself, before tossing the animal into a ditch. No motives have been identified and it is unclear as to whether the man was the original owner.

Jimmy is bound and determined to live a great life in the meantime, though. He is going to be just fine and will be ready to be adopted soon. Do you have any additional information that can be provided when it comes to this case? If so, please be sure to contact the good folks at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau. Take a moment to pick up the phone and call 636-797-5515 today!

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