Conor McGregor Challenges Hollywood ‘Actress’ Mark Wahlberg To A Fight

There were many people all around the world that were devastated by Conor McGregor’s retirement announcement. But they can rest easy as the retirement seems to be short-lived. The Irish fighter has got the itch to step into the ring or cage or whatever, and has since goaded Mark Wahlberg to a fight.

The movie star is definitely a strange choice for McGregor, but it seems that he wants to settle some kind of score and will attempt to wipe the floor with him.

The Irishman posted a bunch of texts that read, “I’ve decided to challenge Hollywood actress Mark Wahlberg next. A fight for all the shares!”

“I’ll smack him and his 4 brothers around.”

“It wouldn’t be the first crew of brothers I’ve smacked around. Check the history books. The UFC history books.”

We highly doubt that anything will actually come of it, as McGregor’s classic move is to talk a big game. But it’s still a bit unclear as to why McGregory picked Wahlberg, but it may have something to do when TMZ asked him what he thought of McGregor’s request to become the UFC’s part owner. 

The “Ted” actor responded, “Cut the cheque baby. He’s got to cut the cheque. Everybody cuts a cheque if you want a piece.”

It seems that Wahlberg wasn’t McGregor’s only target of his abuse on Twitter. He also had some very choice words for his most recent opponent, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“Don’t be scared of the rematch you little scurrying rat. You will do what you are told like you always do. You got your money took and your brother’s eye socket shook when you fought me, you little rat. Viva Las Vegas, baby, the gaf always wins. Big stomper party in the Wynn coming soon!” McGregor posted.

McGregor also went on to involve called Khabib’s wife, calling her a pillow and attaching a picture of her with a large white veil covering her face. That’s a big load of confidence from someone who lost. 

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