Congressman goes viral for hilarious yearbook photo featuring his extremely 1990s hairstyle

If you are in the public eye, particularly if you are in politics, you don’t want to have any skeletons in your closet. This could include your old high school yearbook photos, which can be embarrassing. For Congressman Eric Swalwell, however, the picture was not so much an embarrassment but it provided a little humor.

You are not going to believe his hair from 1999. It is the epitome of hairstyles for that era. This picture is from his yearbook when he was a student at the Dublin High School in Dublin, California.

This picture was released into the public eye on March 10. The San Jose Mercury News did some digging to look for the yearbook photos of local politicians. This included Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff and Gov. Gavin Newsom.

We could probably all say that our yearbook photos are awkward but the perfect spikes in Swalwell’s yearbook photo take the cake. Was he attempting to be a rapper or perhaps a Backstreet Boy? Regardless of what his intentions were, they have gone unmistakably viral.

As the congressman for California’s 15th district, Swalwell has the responsibility for a major portion of the East Bay. He has made a name for himself as being anti-Trump, including when he went to get coffee and walked an extra block in New York City so he wouldn’t have to go into Trump Tower.

Perhaps his greatest shot at the president, however, is his throwback hairdo. We are sure that Trump is jealous over his beautiful, full and managed head of hair.

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