Man Looks Identical To Cillian Murphy From Peaky Blinders Says “Women Scream When I Go To Bars”

Being a celeb lookalike can get a little exhausting with all the attention that one receives. 47-year-old Scott Blower works as a gardener but is regularly stopped by people who tell him how much he looks like Cillian Murphy from “Peaky Blinders.” Since the show first came out in 2013, Blower says that women tend to “scream in bars” when they see him.

At the time that the show came out, Blower says he was unaware of who Cillian Murphy was until he watched the show.

Blower, who is from Sale in Greater Manchester, said, “When some people see me they will actually scream and think it’s him. When they realize it’s not they calm down a bit. [When it first started a few years ago] big fans of his would come up to me, in a bar or something, and say you look like Cillian Murphy, and I’d never even heard of him.”

Then, when “Peaky Blinders” reached a pinnacle of popularity in 2015, Blower received even more attention since his resemblance was even more widely recognized. This actually resulted in freebies while on holidays with the lads.

“Then when we went to Marbella it was when Peaky Blinders was out, I was just getting mobbed. Even on the plane people thought it was him going away with his friend, so it was crazy. My mates loved it because we could get free beds – you know how they charge for beds and things like that over there? – so my mates would lap it up.”

He added, “I never feel tempted to act like I am actually him. I would never do that. I usually just tell them. Even when I’m out shopping with my kids, I get stopped and I’ll say I’m not him. This is blokes as well – blokes run over. I say ‘listen I’m not him’ and they say ‘oh yeah’ and I have to get my phone out and show them my Instagram page.”

While Blower has said that he looks so much like the actor that he could easily walk into any bar and walk out with any woman of his choosing, he always reveals the truth.

“I was single when I started it and I could have walked out the bar or an event every week with a different woman but I’m not like that,” Blower said.

Deciding to harness his new superpower, he decided to begin work at a Peaky Blinders-themed bar where he gets paid to dress up in 1920s attire and pretend to be Tommy Shelby.

In one really cool twist, Blower’s grandmother is actually from the same town in Cork, Ireland, where Mr. Shelby is from.

Blower also admits that his fans are usually disappointed to learn that he has a long-term girlfriend. He met 32-year-old Nicola Stones while he was dressed in costume.

Speaking of his relationship, Blower says, “I’m glad I met Nicola now and she’s accepting it so it’s all fine. Obviously, she does get a bit jealous, but she’s not too fussed. She used to be a rep when she was younger so she knows all that fussing is just your job. She agrees I look like Cillian Murphy – I think that’s why she likes me.”

Let’s hope that’s not the only reason.

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