Child Therapist Weighs In On What It Really Does To Your Child When You Kiss Them On The Lips

The prospect of offering parenting advice can be a tricky one. There are a number of parents who are not going to care about the input of others. While this advice may come from trained psychologists who have an educated opinion, that does not mean that it is going to be well received. Parents are always going to have their own ideas on how their children should be raised.

One topic that parents tend to disagree about is the concept of affection. Some parents believe in lavishing their children with affection at all times. Meanwhile, some parents may believe that they should only show love to their little ones at certain moments. One particular form of affection inspires a great deal of debate: kissing small children on the lips.

A child psychologist named Dr. Charlotte Reznick has weighed on this topic and her response is bound to make some parents very upset. In her mind, it is all right to kiss your little ones on the lips. But she did not stop there. She brings up a very valid point when it comes to this form of affection. If you start kissing your children on the lips at a young age, when will you decide to stop?

Dr. Charlotte’s interview with The Stir (a popular blog for mothers) is where the comments took place. The blog recently found itself under the microscope for posting a picture that got a lot of parents talking. Harry Connick Jr. had kissed his eight year old daughter on the lips and there is nothing with this gesture in and of itself.

In Dr. Charlotte’s estimation, this is a behavior that is going to need to be phased out quickly anyway. So why even start in the first place? Dr. Sally-Anne McCormack feels as if Dr. Charlotte’s assessment is too harsh and compares the hullabaloo to breastfeeding. This is the type of story that is bound to inspire a fair amount of debate, that’s for sure!

You are bound to have a blast debating this topic, no matter what side of this discussion you fall on. Take a moment to pass this clip along to all of the parents in your life.

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