Chihuahua Bravely Protects Best Friend In Between Port-A-Potty Until Heroes Rescue Them Both

Everyone has probably heard of the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs”. There is a common perception of dogs and cats as total and complete enemies. This is not always reality, though. When dogs and cats come together, it can create some of the most adorable moments that you are ever going to see. Take the dog and cat from this story, for instance.

While some may have thought that this cat and dog would be enemies, that was the furthest thing from what happened. They are now known as Morticia and Gomez but they had a rough start to their existence. The dynamic duo was found in a Virginia park. A passerby stumbled across them and instantly knew that they needed help. Gomez was also very protective of Morticia.

Gomez was not going to leave this kitten’s side no matter what and we commend him for his loyalty. He was unwilling to let the passerby anywhere near his precious Morticia. They wanted to help the dog and kitten but Gomez would growl up a storm any time they got close. Animal Control was called to investigate the situation and they were able to intervene.

Eventually, the pair was transported to a local animal shelter. No one ever came to claim them and they had to remain in separate areas for safety reasons. The shelter was also unable to guarantee that the dog and cat could remain together once it was time for them to be adopted. Saver of Souls Pet Rescue caught wind of the situation and decided to intervene.

This dog and cat now get to spend their days playing together at their facility. The workers are planning to keep them until they can find a forever home and they are looking for anyone who would be willing to adopt them in tandem. They cannot and should not be broken up. Gomez and Morticia have already been through so much together.

It would be a shame to see them split up and we simply will not stand for it. Please take the time to pass this important story along so that the proper level of awareness can be raised. Now that their story is being told, more and more people are reaching out to find out how they can help. With any luck, these two will find themselves a forever home to call their own in no time at all.

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