Cheerleader Poses For Photo With Squad But Doesn’t See The Deadly Threat Hidden In Plain Sight

Tiffany Jenkins is the sort of child who always received kudos for her decision making abilities. Everyone that knows her says that she has a very good head on her shoulders. It does not matter how difficult a certain choice may be. She is always able to use her critical thinking skills to make the right decision. Tiffany also had dreams of becoming a teacher one day.

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Five & a half years ago I was detoxing on the floor of a jail cell on "suicide watch". My life had no purpose, I was lost and I was broken. The program of NA, my sponsor, my higher power and all the friends I've met along the way, have led me to THIS moment. To say that I am honored to have been invited to share my testimony at the Sarasota County Jail today, would be an enormous understatement. The people working in the jail have an AMAZING program in place in the "Recovery pods", where inmates spend HOURS a day learning about themselves, and how to live a life without the use of drugs. I had no idea that programs like that existed for inmates, and I am beyond grateful to have been a part of it 😍 Kudos, Sarasota County Jail… You are making a difference ❤

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She became the captain of her high school’s cheerleaders as well. However, her entire life changed during one fateful football game. She had never drank alcohol before and when one of her classmates offered her some, it awakened something deep inside of her. As it turns out, Tiffany is the type of person who simply cannot have just a sip or two of alcohol.

There are some who cannot enjoy anything in moderation because of their background. Tiffany happens to come from just such a background and is especially susceptible to addictive substances. She did not know this about herself during that moment. Her father had long struggled with an alcohol addiction of his own that kept him from being able to spend time with his children.

I'm gonna be honest with you, man… I'm tired.Not in a sleepy way; in an "I feel paper thin, because I'm being…

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As everyone knows, the addiction battle is fought on a daily basis. It is not a battle that any of us will be able to win overnight. Tiffany’s first taste of alcohol set off a chain reaction that she would have liked to avoid. Within a few months, she had dropped out of high school and had also begun to experiment with pills.

She inevitably checked into rehab. When she got out, she met a police officer who became her boyfriend. This only seemed to make matters worse. It was not long before she pawned off his gun as a means of paying for a fix. She was imprisoned for these actions and experienced severe withdrawals that led to a suicide attempt. A few months later, she checked into a halfway house.

At this time, her story had only just begun! To find out more about Tiffany’s harrowing tale, be sure to check out the video below. We urge anyone who is struggling with addiction to get the help that they need before it is too late. It is not your fault. Let’s all work together to remove the stigma associated with addiction so that stories like these become less commonplace.

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This hilarious mom vlogger hopes to use her platform to inspire those battling addiction that there is a life after drugs.

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