Chanel Beauty Unveils Its First-Ever Makeup Line For Men

Chanel is a company that is known for high-end beauty products but they have just taken it to a higher level. People around the world who love makeup are in love with their products. It is considered to be a luxury brand and it is focused on makeup collections for females but that seems to be changing. Recently, an announcement was made about a new makeup line that is focused on male beauty.

Chanel announced this rather surprising move about launching the makeup line targeted at men, known as BOY DE CHANEL. The collection was reported to make an appearance first in South Korea in September and eventually, will reach the rest of the world in January 2019. Another report from Harper’s Bazaar said that the products can be internationally purchased at their website as of November.

The launch of BOY DE CHANEL includes three minimally packaged items, a lip balm, eyebrow pencil and a tinted fluid that includes SPF 25. Both the eyebrow pencil and tinted fluid come in 4 different shades but it is hoped that they will expand to additional color options at some point in the future.

Chanel Beauty has also released a new eye makeup collection for the fall and winter of 2018. It includes many eyeshadow pallets, an eyelid primer, single shadows and more.

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