Cat Runs Outside His Home Every Morning To Greet His Favorite Neighbor

Dan and his spouse were out for a stroll one day when they came across the most incredible cat. The orange cat was as friendly as could be and he approached Dan and his wife without any sense of hesitation. This is one cat who wanted to welcome their neighbors. They did not know where he came from and they had no idea who the owner was. This meeting set the table for a special friendship that would last for many years.

He was quite the attention hog, too. Dan says that the cat would not allow them to leave until he had gotten a sufficient amount of petting. They were not worried about where he came from because he seemed to be very well cared for. In time, they would learn that the cat’s name was Bosco. A family in their neighborhood was responsible for his care and he lives a good life.

The family soon realized that Bosco had a strong level of curiosity and so they installed a pet door so that he could come and go as he liked. He was not going to be confined to one space. There were too many people to meet and too much to explore. Since Dan works within walking distance of his home, he gets to greet Bosco each and every morning.

Bosco never misses the chance to meet up with Dan each morning. For over two years now, he darts outside every single time he walks by. If the weather is nice, Bosco is already outside. This is one friendship that is only getting stronger as the years pass. Bosco is sure to get all of the love and affection that Dan has time to offer each morning and he never misses a beat.

Dan misses Bosco on the days when it is too chilly for him to come outside. He’s gotten rather used to stopping to pet his little friend every day. Dan is now the favorite neighbor, at least until Bosco decides to find some new pals. This affectionate cat loves everyone and Dan knows deep down that he cannot be the only person who Bosco harasses into petting him each day.

He has definitely figured out how to increase the amount of attention that he gets. What a smart and friendly cat. While some imagine cats to be standoffish creatures who are not into spending time with humans, Bosco is here to shatter those false notions!

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