Businessman offers $6,361 reward to whoever identifies man who kicked cat through the air

Someone took a video of a man pretending to pet a cat and then quickly drop kicking it about 10 feet down the sidewalk. The video has gone viral.

The clip was posted on Twitter by Protect Wildlife, an animal right’s group.

You can clearly see the man in the video dressed in sneakers and a red cap gaining the trust of the cat by stroking it before kicking it and sending the cat sailing through the air.

After being posted to Twitter a few days ago it has gone viral with well over 12 thousand comments, shares and likes.

A $6,361 reward is now being offered by British businessman Duncan Bannatyne for anyone who can identify the man in the video.

He wrote:

“I will pay a reward of £5,000 to whoever correctly names this piece of sh*t.”

The RSPCA announced they were investigating the video and then the reward was offered.

“Thanks for tagging us – this has been reported and will be looked into. If you have further information regarding this please report to us on 0300 1234 999 – thanks.”

Ricky Gervais is a comedian and an animal rights activist. He had some sharp words to say:

Strictly Come Dancing star Gemma Atkinson added:

“What an absolute Prick!!!! Sincerely hope him and his little video mate are found and have the same done to them. In fact, I’d happily pay to do it to them myself!”

The reward might seem like a good idea but it is really just an indication of the public opinion. It is important to remember that identifying the wong person could lead to a stressful situation.

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