Burger King Is Giving Away 1 Cent Whoppers, But You Can Only Get Them At McDonald’s

If you are someone who has a great deal of loyalty to the flame-broiled Whopper, the idea of pulling up to a McDonald’s might be somewhat sacrilegious. However, these sorts of burger wars have existed since the good old days. One of the best parts about social media has been watching all of the burger joints take subtle shots at one another.

Burger King is looking to put a serious dent in McDonald’s revenue levels with their latest gambit. Whoppers are being given out for a mere penny. There is a catch to this deal, though. You will need to be at a McDonald’s in order to receive the 1 cent Whopper. So how does this promotion work? The gambit is being used as a means of wooing customers to their mobile app.

If you have the Burger King app on your smartphone, you are able to enjoy this deal if you happen to be in the vicinity of the golden arches. This is the only way for customers to successfully unlock the deal. A geolocation feature has been added to the app to make your mission even simpler. Once you have made the order, you are directed to the Burger King where you can pick it up.

This is technology at its finest. You will need to move quickly, though. The 1 cent Whopper is only available for a limited time. Those who would like to receive a great deal and do not mind driving to 2 different locations are in luck. This food war tactic might seem ridiculous or confusing to some but we are definitely on board!

We are offering you the blueprint for success so that you are not left wandering the streets in search of a meal. While this may be confusing to some, we have provided a helpful explanation video below that is designed to make your decision easier. If you have already participated in this amazing deal, be sure to spread the word to your friends and loved ones.

Great deals can be hard to come by during the holiday season. We all have a responsibility to each other in this regard. Don’t hoard all of the awesome promotions for yourself. Spread the good cheer and shout about the 1 cent Whopper from the mountaintops if necessary. We promise that we are not here to judge you. Merry Christmas, burger lovers!

Source: CNBC

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