Breastfeeding Mom Sues Restaurant Chain After Manager Tries To Cover Her With A Napkin

Those who have children of their own know that there are a limited number of ways to feed a child. In many instances, a mother will choose to breastfeed. Instead of trying to duplicate the awesome power of breast milk with expensive formulas, many mothers opt for breastfeeding instead. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Tell that to all the Neanderthals out there who still take umbrage with this common practice.

A mother can never predict when her child will become hungry. That means that she may need to feed her child while she is out in public. Breastfeeding without having to cover up is now legal in every state in the country. However, there are a number of establishments that are not willing to follow these rules and this is an unfortunate state of affairs.

Sadie was recently out to dinner with her baby and her husband at a Texas Roadhouse. Her child became fussy during the meal and she decided to breastfeed the infant. The child had spent just a few moments nursing when the manager arrived at her table. They were shaking their head “no” and offering her a napkin that she could “cover up” with.

This is obviously against the law. The manager claims that he was receiving a lot of complaints but that is their problem, not hers. He even attempted to place the napkin over the baby’s face. Sadie did not want to use the napkin. The manager stormed off soon after. Sadie says that she was trying to be discreet, even though she did not have a nursing cover.

It is really difficult for mothers in her situation to cover up when they are in public. This is something that people need to realize. Mothers are not trying to inconvenience their fellow citizens in any way. They are simply looking to feed their hungry children as quickly as possible. Can you believe that the manager asked her to cover up a second time?

After the second interruption, Sadie and her husband elected to leave the restaurant altogether and we cannot blame them one bit. Sadie vented about the awful experience on her Facebook page and received a great deal of support. The trolls couldn’t resist the chance to offer negative comments, though. We are happy she spoke out and we hope that fewer mothers are forced to endure these types of situations.


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