Boys Discover Pit Bull Abandoned And Starving In A Cage

Plenty of animal abuse stories are found all over the internet. However, some are simply more heartbreaking than others. There are so many rescuers, vets, and animal control officers who do what they can to lend a helping hand. Sometimes, dogs can come back from some of the cruelest and neglectful situations. This is one such case.

Feeling Fine Canine Rescue is behind the ones involved with a pitbull named Dice. However, it’s important to learn how the rescue came to be. They rescued a pitbull puppy in 2011 who was extremely emaciated and covered in mange. They established the rescue, now dedicated to rescuing and rehoming needy death row dogs in and around Loxahatchee, Florida. Their own pitbull, Miles, taught them about compassion.

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LINK TO DONATE IN BIO, PLEASE HELP DICE! No matter how many precious lives we come across, surviving horrible medical and living conditions as this boy has seen, I will never get used to seeing a gentle, loving being mistreated this way. It is worse than heartbreaking, it's beyond words or comprehension. It makes me physically and emotionally ill. Thank God we are able to help some of them. Thank YOU for helping us make a difference to so many. #BlessedByYou! Together We are #SavingDicesLife! He is currently receiving life saving care at Pet Life Animal Hospital & Pet Center. Please consider donating towards his long term care and rehabilitation at Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue. Thank you so much for all your kindness and support. Link in bio to donate!

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Recently, children in an apartment complex in Fort Lauderdale noticed a dog in a crate. The cruel owners left the dog in a crate outside with no food or water when they moved. They could have called a shelter or an animal rescue group. Instead, they left him locked in his crate outside.

The children thought the dog had been there for a week. However, rescuers believe that the dog (Dice) must have been starved for months before being rescued because of the emaciated condition. It’s shocking that Dice survived at all. Thank goodness for the children and the rescuers because the dog could have died within days of being found.

Tracey Godin, the co-founder of Feeling Fine Canine Rescue said that the owners had left him in a backyard inside of his crate. The last week would have been his final deterioration.

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Today he weighed 50 pounds! A total weight gain of 20 pounds in 35 days. I'd say he's a #FeelingFineCanine now! He has been cleared for surgery and will be neutered today along with 5 other dogs from FNF. We also have Jewel still hospitalized with the Amazing team of veterinarians at Pet Life Animal Hospital & Pet Center. Please consider donating towards the care of these 7 deserving dogs at Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue. After today's surgeries, Dice and all of #MilliesMiracles will be completely vetted and ready for forever homes. This group makes 156 Spays/Neuters we have done in 2018! 156! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

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The dog should have been around 65 pounds if he was healthy. Instead, he was around 30 pounds. He was extremely gaunt and even his skull was visible.

Godin rushed Dice to a vet in order to get the care that he needed. Once in the right care, the pitbull was able to make an incredible turnaround. He gained his weight back very quickly.

Within a week, he was 40 pounds and within two weeks he was weighing in at 50. By the end of the next weekend, he had reached a healthy 65 pounds. He was pampered for two months and grew in spirit. He was ready for a forever home.

A family with two playful kids and two dogs fostered him. Dice fit in and everyone fell in love. They decided to make him an official part of the family within two weeks of fostering him.

Rescue, Rehab, Now time for a forever home!Dice saved 2 months ago and Elsa saved 2 weeks ago!#RecoveryRoad#DeathRowDogsLiving#FeelingFineCanines#HEADABOVEWATERFeeling Fine Canine and Equine

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Dice was resilient. It’s a true miracle that he was found. He’s now doing better than ever!

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