Boys Choir Ate Ghost Peppers And Then Tried Singing A Christmas Carol With Hilarious Results

The holidays are a time for reflection. Christmas is synonymous for the singing of Christmas carols. Many of the songs herald the birth of Jesus. This tradition of marking Christ’s birth has been celebrated in Rome since the 4th century.

This custom is continued in churches and cathedrals worldwide. Worshipers gather to hear familiar songs that bring joy to the world. They tell stories of three wise men journeying to Bethlehem on this oh holy of nights to visit the baby born in a manger.

Humor isn’t normally associated with Christmas carols. It’s a sober time where we can look back on the year and forward to the new year ahead. However, one choir from Denmark decided to change this outlook.

The Herning Boys Choir ate ghost peppers and then attempted to sing their way through a song.

Ghost peppers aren’t just any pepper. When eaten, chili peppers make your eyes water. So it’s pretty hot. But the ghost pepper? It’s in a league of its own. The Guinness World Records declared it the world’s hottest chili pepper in 2007. Put in context, this makes the ghost pepper 400-times hotter than Tabasco sauce. Yikes!

If you were to eat a significant amount of these chili peppers in a short period, you could die.

In the 4-minute video, the members of the choir can be seen showing off their talent in one number. Then their sense of humor in another after consuming the chili peppers. Danish comedian, musician, and chili enthusiast, Chili Klaus posted the humorous video on YouTube.

Despite the raging fires in their mouths, the men and boys do their best to get through the song.

If you’re searching for some humor this holiday season, look no further than this video. It’ll add some laughter to your holiday.

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