Bar Leaves Notes On The Cars Of Customers Who Choose Not To Drink And Drive

With the dark and cold of winter behind us, the warming weather makes us want to go out and enjoy all the perks of summer. But as the temperatures rise, so do worries over drunk or “buzzed” driving.

As summer holidays quickly approach, like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, there are increasing numbers of accidents caused by drunk or impaired drivers.

While this may sound scary, there is some good news. Road safety advocates are figuring out more clever ways to combat drunk driving, like some drinking spots actually handing out rewards to patrons for not getting behind the wheel after they’ve had a few.

This is the case at The Union Bar in Gering, Nebraska. While there are many bars and restaurants, which don’t allow cars to park in their lots overnight, The Union Bar has decided to take a different direction.

The Union Bar will actually go out of their way to reward patrons who don’t drive home after hanging out at the bar.

Janelle Martin posted on her Facebook page, how she and her husband received a pleasant surprise in the form of a note left on their windshield after her husband left his truck overnight at The Union:

More bars should take note from Scott and Carla Swanson. Austin (my husband) met a friend at the bar last night so he…

Posted by Janelle Martin on Sunday, March 18, 2018

Instead of getting behind the wheel of his car, Martin opted to call his wife to pick him up. When he returned the next day for his car, he discovered his wise choice not only earned him the respect of The Union Bar, but also a free burger and fries.

Scott and Carla Swanson, owners of The Union, know that a free meal really is a small price to pay in exchange for a bigger price of keeping the community streets safe.  

“It’s a $7 burger, and if it keeps someone out of jail or keeps someone from killing someone, it’s d*** well worth it,” Scott Swanson spoke to the World-Herald.

Swanson says that several cars ended up getting left overnight in the parking lot on both Friday and Saturday, proof that his mission to keep drunk drivers off the streets may be working.

The Union Bar isn’t the only place trying to help combat drunk driving. Mack’s Tavern in Ohio also has rewards for patrons who leave their cars overnight.

Those who do will come back the next day to find a coupon on their windshield for their next visit, alongside a thank-you note for choosing to not drink and drive.

Other bars are now implementing similar rewards, including Canadian bar Original Joe’s Restaurant & Bar, which gives customers a coupon for chicken wings on their return visit as a thank you for leaving their car overnight.

This way, when they come back to get their car after sobering up, they can also enjoy some tasty wings as a reward for their good decisions.

Plus, the wings in Original Joe’s look absolutely mouth-watering, based off their Instagram posts:

These are all great ways for bars to encourage good decision-making. Because no amount of alcohol is ever worth the risk of getting behind the wheel where you could potentially injure yourself or others. months!

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