Baby Born On October 31st Given The Perfect ‘Halloween’ Name

There are hundreds of fortunate (Depending on your point of view) babies born each year on various holidays. Halloween babies are particularly special. Those who associate this holiday with all kinds of spookiness may not want to give birth on this day. Having a baby on the night of Halloween is something that every family will feel differently about.

Luckily for this Halloween baby, they were born into a home that finds the holiday exciting. As it turns out, the baby already has the perfect name picked out for them. The baby’s name? Frankenstein! Lest you think that this family is simply handing out weird names for the sake of being weird, this is actually their last name. With a name like that, we can’t believe that they didn’t plan for a Halloween birth from the get go.

They were certainly hoping for one, though. Jessica Frankenstein, the child’s mother, says that she and her husband had already discussed just how awesome it would be if the child was able to wait until Halloween to be born. The fact that little Frankenstein was actually able to hold out this long flies in the face of typical medical conventions.

According to various studies, the holiday’s negative connotations will often keep women from delivering their babies on Halloween. The holiday comes with a very spooky feeling and these negative thoughts are believed to subconsciously keep women from delivering. Kyle and Jessica Frankenstein were able to avoid these sorts of difficulties.

They brought their new baby boy into the world on Halloween, just like they had always dreamed of. Oskar Gary is definitely going to receive a lot of good natured ribbing throughout the course of his life. As for the family, they will now be able to celebrate the birth of their child and their favorite holiday at the same time. This will only serve to make each October 31 even more fun.

The idea of a child named Frankenstein being born on Halloween might be hard to believe. We would like to take this time to assure you that this story is 100 percent true. What do you think of this awesome story? Would you ever want to have a baby that was born on a holiday? Be sure to pass this story along, so that you can find out where your friends and loved ones stand on this subject.

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