Ashton Kutcher Publicly Shared His Phone Number On Twitter, Asking Fans To Text Him

It seems as if people just can’t get enough of learning about celebrities and they rarely ever have a private moment. They even go public with their lives on social media in many cases, helping to add fuel to the fan fire.

Some celebrities will only come out to play with their fans on Instagram or other social media outlets but others will interact with fans in the most surprising ways.

One of those celebrities is Ashton Kutcher. He does come out on Social media frequently but he also tries to be a little more personal with his fans as well.

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Just another night on #theranch

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The actor went above and beyond when it came to connecting with his fans. He even shared his personal phone number on Twitter, telling them: “I miss having a real connection [with[ real people. My Community.”

“From now on you can just text me. I won’t be able to respond to everyone but at least we can be real [with] each other & I can share the unedited latest & greatest in my world. Yes this is my #.”

The message was eventually deleted but it did include a GIF of himself, saying: “You are the fabric of who we are, and we love you!”

Shortly after posting the message Twitter blew up with people wondering if they were being punk’d. After all, he is known as a prankster.

It isn’t yet known if a glitch caused the message to be deleted or if he was just inundated with text messages and calls.

According to one source, people who texted received the following auto-reply: “Hey it’s Ashton. This is an auto text to let you know I got your message.”

“Make sure you click the link and [add] my phone so I can respond to you,” he added.

These efforts may not be totally without something behind it. It may be part of his start-up, and some are disappointed with it.

Then again, we may just see it again. Before he went out on a date with his wife, he sent another Tweet saying he would post his number again soon, adding, “SMS is a fragile beast.”

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