Ariana Grande Joins Andrea Bocelli For Unforgettable Duet That Has Fans Falling In Love

Something amazing is bound to happen when you combine the powerful voices of an opera singer with a pop princess. If you are wondering what it would sound like, you don’t have to wait any longer. It may seem strange but Ariana Grande and Andrea Bocelli have teamed up and when their voices combine, it is something wonderful to hear.

Ariana Grande joins Andrea Bocelli for a song on his new album and the song is sure to be an instant hit. If you think that they are amazing musical artists on their own, the combination of the two is going to amaze you. They have polar opposite voices but as they say, opposites attract and the harmony they put together is beautiful.

He may be 35 years older than Ariana but she is able to keep up with him without any problem. She is known for having a strong vocal range and proves that she is able to sing along with even the best of the best. Bocelli also does his finest and his unmistakable voice is going to give you chills.

The song is entitled ‘E Piu Ti Penso’ and even if you don’t understand Italian, you will understand the beauty behind the song. You will likely recognize the tune because it was made famous from the movie, Once Upon A Time in America. This is sure to be a favorite of yours for all time. When they come together with such emotion and power, it’s difficult not to be impressed.

It isn’t only the melody that makes it beautiful, it is the uniqueness of their voices that come together in a wonderful way. You can hear it for yourself in this video:

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