Andrea Bocelli Sings With His Son For The 1st Time & People Can’t Get Over How Handsome Her is

Many aren’t aware that the incredible opera singer Andrea Bocelli is also a devoted father to three children.  For more than 20 years, he’s been a huge support for all of his kids and made sure  they never wanted for anything.

Which made Matteo his middle son wanted to pursue a career in music Andrea was thrilled.  He was excited to teach Matteo the ins and outs of the business.

Just as his father suspected Matteo was a star!  It was clear that everyone wanted to hear more from the Bocelli family. So the two teamed up recently to perform a duet called “Fall On Me.” The result is utterly stunning…

Not only do their voices blend together, but the simple setting they chose was perfection.

Every note was flawless!  I guess that’s the reason Celine Dion has said numerous time  “If God could sing, He would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli.”

And now the world is blessed with Matteo.

Listen to Matteo and Andrea’s incredible duet in the video what do you think of the two?

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