Alan Rickman Wrote An Emotional Farewell To The Harry Potter Series As The Filming Ended

Many people know Alan Rickman because of his presence in the Harry Potter franchise but his career is much more. Millions of people around the world, however, grew up knowing him as the Severus Snape character.

January 14 will mark the third anniversary of his death and fans are taking a moment to reflect on his career that spanned some 3 decades. Since the time he passed away, letters he wrote early during the Harry Potter series have surfaced. It showed that there were times when he was frustrated with his part in the film.

It may not have started out smoothly but he grew into the role and even came to love it. That is clearly seen when he penned a farewell letter that was published in 2011 in Empire magazine:

“I have just returned from the dubbing studio where I spoke into a microphone as Severus Snape for absolutely the last time. On the screen were some flashback shots of Daniel, Emma, and Rupert from ten years ago.

They were 12. I have also recently returned from New York, and while I was there, I saw Daniel singing and dancing (brilliantly) on Broadway. A lifetime seems to have passed in minutes.

Three children have become adults since a phone call with Jo Rowling, containing one small clue, persuaded me that there was more to Snape than an unchanging costume and that even though only three of the books were out at that time, she held the entire massive but delicate narrative in the surest of hands.

“It is an ancient need to be told in stories. But the story needs a great storyteller. Thanks for all of it, Jo.”

Just like the members of the audience, Rickman watched both the children and the franchise grow. It was amazing to see how things changed over the years. Rickman seemed to be particularly touched by the experience and it left an impression on his life. I would say it left an impression on our lives as well.

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