Al Roker Undergoes Emergency Surgery

Al Roker, the Today show weatherman might have pushed his body too far and now he’s paying the price.

The 64-year-old suffered setbacks recently that landed him on the operating table, but it’s not something anyone would have suspected.

The weatherman revealed he needed  “emergency carpal tunnel surgery” to fix a problem with his thumb.

“It had just gotten progressively worse to the point where Thursday, I lost the use of my thumb during rehearsals,” Roker said on Today.

The day after the surgery he surprised his coworkers by returning to work, even Hoda Kotb explained how she was impressed.

“I didn’t want to see anything, know anything,” he added. “Just wanted to wake up dazed and confused — just a regular day for me!”

The bandages were taken off before taking the stage on Friday as Ol’Joe in Waitress on Broadway.

“That’s not stopping [me],” Roker said. “They are putting an ace bandage around my mouth [though] because they’ve heard my singing,” he jokingly added.

Little less than two months ago he collapsed on the set. The hot temperatures took a toll on his body.

“Between his work for Today and the NBC Nightly News, Al finally buckled under the pressure!” said the insider.

Roker has had a long history of struggles including diabetes and obesity. The Today show host did manage to shed over 115 pounds with the help of gastric bypass surgery.

We’re wishing Mr. Roker a speedy recovery!

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