After Months Of Suffering, Josh Groban Finally Comes Clean To His Fans

There are at least 16.2 million Americans who have experienced a major depressive episode according to the National Institute Of Mental Health. More than 40 million reported to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America to have some form of an anxiety disorder.

So, why is the stigma around mental illness still the same as it was 20 years ago? Josh Groban is on a mission to change that one interview at a time.

While chatting on a Norweigan talk show called Skavlan, Josh talked openly about his own struggles with the disorders. Everyone should hear his message whether you are a person coping with mental illness or you know someone that is.  It’s truly eyeopening.

While chatting about his life growing up he explained how he dove deeper and deeper into loneliness.  He felt isolated and alone.  No one could relate to him, he was a teenage superstar. Josh was unbalanced and on his mental stability was anything but.

Thankfully, found other interests outside of his huge singing career. He describes his new love as the river or the things that make dark times seem a little brighter.  Josh also found himself a wonderful therapist. With those things in place, Josh pulled himself out of the deep hole of depression and anxiety.

Josh knows he will deal with both of those things the rest of his life but feels it’s his responsibility as a role model to speak out and be a voice for his fans.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Josh reiterated what he’s trying to tell his fans with the song “River.”

“Whenever we have dark times in our lives, whether we suffer from depression, or addiction, or anxiety, or even just having a really bad day, the worst is that it feels like we are suffering alone. In a world of billions connected by social media, far too many people feel this way and while the conversation is getting better, it’s not talked about nearly enough.

I hope this song and video are a reminder that it’s the simple steps, the smallest gestures, that can pull us back to the light. It’s those things for me. Find your ‘river.'”

Listen to Josh’s interview in full below  what a tremendous role model he really is someone to look up to.

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