10 Special Qualities Of People Who Prefer To Be Alone

Not everybody is able to fit in the ideal mold of being a people person. In fact, we may find that some of them enjoy being on their own more often than not. Perhaps we have referred to them as being a loner or an introvert but in any case, we don’t typically give them much thought.

Even though many people consider an introvert to be a rather ordinary person, there is often more that goes on behind the scenes than what meets the eye. They are warm, fun and friendly, just like anyone else but they tend to have a better time on their own. In addition, they may possess certain qualities that others don’t have.

Some people were born with the desire to be alone but others acquire that desire as they grow older. In either case, it is normal but if you see somebody who is generally outgoing but they suddenly become introverted, it may be a sign that something is wrong.

If you are interested in learning more about the special qualities of an introvert, here are some that may drive home the point of how special they are:


Time is very important to a loner so they are always punctual. They realize the importance of time and also have respect for the time that others are putting forth. When you extend the same respect to them, they appreciate it.


They may be alone but it doesn’t mean that they are living in denial or some type of fantasy world. They allow themselves to experience the world around them and are not afraid of looking toward their emotions. They find that being aware of what is in their immediate area helps them to deal with difficult things in life.


It is rare for an introvert to be overwhelmed. They tend to look at every situation logically rather than emotionally. It doesn’t mean that they shy away from emotions, it just means that they come up with solutions to complex issues from a logical standpoint.


Many people tend to push themselves away from anything that they are unfamiliar with. That is not the case with a loner, because they tried to understand what is in front of them rather than coming up with an opinion on it too early.


Many people would consider an introvert to be the worst friend but in reality, they can create very strong bonds with people that they choose to let into their circle. If you find a loner that allows you in, take advantage of it.


It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that introverts tend to put up rather strict boundaries. That is not only true of their own, but they also respect the boundaries of others. They realize it is important to give people space when they desire breaks.

They Know Themselves

When an introvert does something well, they will be well aware of it but they also realize when they are not strong in something. They tend to have a lot of self-confidence because they stick to what they know and avoid other issues.


When you want to talk about your problems, an introvert is your best choice of someone to be with. They tend to be good listeners and they also empathize with you because they can put themselves in your shoes. They tend to be warm people and they may recognize the good, even in a bad situation.

Not Perfectionists

They don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to fussing about what they do or what others do. They tend to be rather laid-back so they are comfortable to be around when times get tough.


They tend to have a strong sense of right and wrong and when they put their mind to something, there is almost nothing that will stop them from achieving it. They don’t run away when up against a wall.


Since they have a strong sense of right and wrong, they tend to maintain a level of ethics in any situation. They also aren’t afraid of thinking highly of themselves because they know that they deserve some of that love as well.

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